Gluten Free Banana Bread

As of a week ago, half of my household has gone gluten free. My daughter has had eczema ever since she was a little baby, and in an attempt to help clear up her skin, we removed most forms of dairy from her diet early on. She now is allowed lactose free versions of certain … Continue reading Gluten Free Banana Bread


7 tips to salon-worthy nails

  Growing up, I was involved in sports…well dance team, which my school didn’t count as a sport at the time but do now, but we still had rules to follow. One of those rules, and this one was heavily enforced at all competitions and even practices, was NO nail polish and the nails had … Continue reading 7 tips to salon-worthy nails

Ending the year with a…

Cold. Yes, a cold! They suck. I made the mistake of staying up late too many nights in a row, mixed with poor nutrition (all those Christmas sweets), and now I have a cold setting in. I knew it was coming, but I ignored the signs and got sucked into season 3 of the Magicians. … Continue reading Ending the year with a…

New Year, New Goals

Resolutions, goals, things you want to achieve. No matter how you word it, in the end it is the same thing. I know some people prefer not to set resolutions at the beginning of each new year. I was once this person. I thought, why would I constrain myself to one particular day of the … Continue reading New Year, New Goals

Christmas Cookies

I’m currently sitting on my kitchen floor, typing this on my phone because I guess I’m too lazy to move three feet and grab my computer off the counter. I’m eagerly waiting for and watching my shortbread cookies bake. I don’t think I’ve tried this recipe calls for confectioners/powered sugar instead of the regular … Continue reading Christmas Cookies